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With a personal connection to the
lifestyle and needs of a practicing dentist,
we understand the concerns that go
even beyond the chair.

As a trusted advisor,
we are dedicated to adding value for doctors
as your go-to specialist for all things financial.

Whether you're just beginning your career
and need guidance on individual tax matters
or are a seasoned practice owner positioning to sell,
we're here to help.

We provide bespoke accounting, financial consulting & valuation services tailored to your individual or practice needs.

We're Ghoreishi CPA.

Engaged at every step®.


Providing bespoke accounting, consulting and valuation services.

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Comprehensive and à la carte accounting services to optimize your practice's financial health and growth potential.

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Consulting services designed to elevate the performance and profitability of your practice through strategic guidance, operational efficiency, and patient-centric solutions.

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Practice Valuations

Valuation services offering expert assessment and appraisal of your practice's worth, providing valuable insights for sales, acquisitions, mergers, or financial decision-making.

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